Psychedelics and Mental Health has put up a new article on Psychedelics and Mental Health, and it’s a worthwhile read.  It cites Grob’s recent work on the use of psychedelics with end of life and terminal case patients, and the consistent effectiveness demonstrated by these substances in aiding patients coming to terms with their situations.  It also touches on the MDMA research that MAPS is helping to fund, where the substance is being used to work with patients suffering from PTSD.  Though my interests are more in line with plant-based psychoactives, where MDMA can be of help to people, I’m behind it.  The final quote of the article is interesting, from the ‘Mike’ of the interview.  He says that he doesn’t partake of mushrooms very often, and not for ‘fun’.  He says “it’s a myth that all ‘shrooms do is produce hallucinations.  It’s more than that.”  I agree.

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