I have been a systems administrator, systems programmer, and web and mobile application developer for many years. I am currently a part-owner and/or stakeholder in a number of local small businesses, as well as a developer for these projects, focusing on technologies like Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and iOS development. Both academically and personally, I also have a long-term interest in ethnobotany and herbalism, the anthropology of shamanism, indigenous healing traditions, and the intersection of spirituality and healing more broadly. As of Spring 2013 I have earned a Masters in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, with a focus on indigenous and mestizo shamanic religious traditions of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon. During the course of this research, I found myself increasingly drawn to working as a healing practitioner, toward participating in a healing tradition that would allow me to help people, locally and day to day. I believe there is value – at both an individual and socio-political level – to facilitating health in a way that begins before there are problems, manages to work healing changes in lives that last beyond any particular crisis, and integrates health as a lifestyle into a broader understanding of a way of being in the world. This is coupled with a strong advocacy and social justice resolve to looking at the structural-systemic and political-economic forces which conspire to produce suffering. I have been accepted into the Masters in Contemporary Oriental Medicine at the Dragon Rises school in Gainesville in the Fall of 2013, where I plan to complete the three year course of study. During this time I will continue to actively work as a web and mobile application developer, striving to provide robust software products in a way that empowers clients to connect with information, places, and people in mutually effective ways. I am also a Zen practitioner at the Dancing Crane Zen Center, where I have had the opportunity to listen and learn from a number of truly remarkable teachers.

My CV is here.

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