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Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam

Repost from an email, but I signed this petition. ¬†Anyone who’s willing, it’s definitely a worthy cause:

I just signed a petition to the Brazilian government to stop the construction of the Belo Monte Monster Dam complex in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. If built, it will be the third largest dam in the world. It will flood 668 km2 of Amazon rainforest, causing irreversible harm, including the displacement of more than 20,000 people who stand to lose everything – their homes, their livelihood, and the river that sustains them. Additionally, the dam will exacerbate global climate change.

Join me and sign the petition to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and help defend the rainforest and its people!

The Brazilian government has an opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in protecting the Amazon, its people and the global climate instead of continuing on a path of dirty and destructive development. Please join me in the battle to stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam and defend a real Pandora on Earth.

NOTE: We will be asking James Cameron, Director of Avatar, and Brazilian artists to join the Kayapo, Juruna, Arara and other affected communities to personally deliver these petition signatures to the key Brazilian government officials this fall.

Add your voice and sign the petition!

Thank You!